Monday, April 30, 2007

Second impressions of Joost

I've been playing with Joost for a few weeks now and are slowly starting to see it for what it really is: TV played through the internet. Over the weeks I've found a show I liked on the Alliance Atlantis Sci-Fi channel and watched a few episodes of it. The show is not especially brilliant of anything. But apparently good enough to watch three episodes so far, so it can't be that bad.

It's actually very much like watching TV. You flick through some channels until you find something that seems interesting. After that you sit back and enjoy the show. Or you just watch it until it annoys you and then switch channels or switch Joost of entirely.

There are even commercials injected into the shows. And the transition from show to commercial is not necessarily smoothly like on real TV networks. No, on Joost a commercial can start anywhere in the show. Even in the middle of a scene or shot. Technologically that makes sense. But as a viewer it takes some getting used to.

Luckily they are only showing one commercial per block. And of course you can't fast-forward them. As a mediacenter owner that means that I actually watched some commercials for the first time in over a year. :-)

So far I've found one channels that seems to match my interest. I'll continue my search to see whether there's more. But I'm still not sure this is the way I'll be watching TV in the future.

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