Saturday, April 28, 2007

Eleven days... feels like a month

I would like to start this post with an apology. I might not reach a huge audience through these pages, but the audience I do get hasn't heard anything from me for 11 days. In the blogosphere that is almost like an eternity, especially since I didn't announce it up front.

What happened is that for once work caught up with me. Within those 11 days my company shipped a new product, got acquired and held a conference where I hosted a session. I can't believe it is less that two weeks ago that I said "Go" to the release of our new product to customers.

But I really can't believe that at our first conference we get more than 375 attendees and about a 120 of them came to see my technical workshop. This was the first time that I presented a technical topic to more than 50 people, so as you can imagine my adrenaline level was quite high. But still I wasn't stressed or uncomfortably nervous: I was excited. It is great fun to tell people about something you've been working on for months. Especially if you've got a good story to tell about it.

That brings me to the sound-byte for this time. I found it in a dictionary while looking for something else a few weeks ago, and it is so true: proper preparation prevents poor performance.

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