Monday, March 19, 2007

Our Mac doesn't run Sherlock

One of the good things about Macs, is that women are instantly attracted to them. So those same pheromones that once attracted her to me, last Saturday started flowing between my wife and our new iMac. She approached it slowly at first, carefully absorbing its beauty and the fact that a 20" screen looks pretty huge in our living room. Believe it boys: size does matter!

Within minutes she was happily playing with Safari ("just like Firefox"), iTunes ("hey, where are my songs?"), Photo Booth ("hihi, you look funny") and the simple games that come with OSX. That last one started her on a quest for the favorite game she has on her Windows box: Sherlock - a puzzle game with horrible graphics but very addictive gameplay. The game wasn't installed on the iMac of course, but that didn't stop her from searching and meanwhile exploring the new computer. Her quest to find the game in the end brought her to the Applications menu, where -much to her delight- she found it: Sherlock!

She clicked the icon, starting the Mac search application. Let's just say that she wasn't too excited about the way the OSX programmers had implemented her favorite game!

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Frank said...

A Mac version of the Sherlock game exists, but unfortunately that is not available for Intel processors. So now my wife insists that I install a Windows emulator so she can play her game in the living room. And it's not very easy to convince her that installing an emulator is not something I'd like to start with if I haven't even owned my Mac for a week.

Is there anyone that can give me some quick advice on which options I have here?