Sunday, March 18, 2007

Macs are heavy

Yesterday I finally gave in and bought my first Mac. I've been ogling them for years, because the machines look gorgeous and the programs I use are mostly available for any platform. The reason I hadn't gotten a Mac so far had simply been the price. They sure are expensive.

But this weekend there was a sale at a local Mac store, so I gave in and spent some of my savings on a brand new 20" iMac. One thing I didn't count on though, was the weight of such a machine. Macs look so clean and bright that I somehow imagined they wouldn't weigh more then a few kilos. Boy was I wrong! The short distance I had to carry the Mac from the store to the car was killing. I had to stop twice just to get my breath back.

Luckily I could park close to home, so I had less trouble there. And the unpacking of such a beautiful device easily made up for the hard work to get it home. I still have no idea what I need it for, but my iMac sure looks great in the living room.

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