Monday, July 6, 2009

Safari 4 on Windows crashes when you provide incorrect credentials

Sorry for the long title of this post. But it is the most accurate description of a problem we're having in a project at the moment. Safari 4 on Windows seems to crash in what I perceive to be a common use case. Here are the minimal steps that I came up with for reproducing the problem:

  1. create a new web site in IIS

  2. enable integrated authentication on this web site

  3. connect to the new web site with Safari 4 for Windows

  4. provide incorrect credentials

At this point Safari 4 crashes on my system.

Providing correct credentials allows us to continue. But in the application my team is building, we will often encounter another authentication problems later on.

  • Safari pops up a log on box when we open a page from the same web site in an iframe. No matter which credentials we provide, we can't continue.

I've been searching whether this is a known problem for a while now. But I haven't found a single page that points out the problem we encountered here. Hence this simple write-up.

Has anyone had similar problems with Safari on Windows? If so, is there any way to work around the problem? Because as it is, we can't really support our application on Safari 4 on Windows. :-/


amg42 said...

Hi Puf,

I was still on version 3, so I just upgraded. Just for you :-)

Providing invalid credentials for an integrated-security site caused a crash here as well -- CFNetwork.dll is trying to dereference a NULL pointer.



Frank said...

The problem has been fixed in Safari 4.0.3. I'm not sure what else has been fixed, but the crash-upon-invalid-credentials is gone.

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