Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Using the iMac for music playback

Now that we've had an iMac in our living room for a few months, we've started using it for many things. One of the most obvious ones is that -after spending almost a month ripping our CD collection- we now use it to play music from. Sure we already had a mediacenter in the living room. But by using the mac, we only have to switch on one device instead of two.

But something that really annoys me is all these small sounds that are added to the music. Just last night we we're listening to the new Crowded House album and right at the end of the song Silent Trees I heard a woosh sound that was not supposed to be there. And at the start of the next song, there was a tring-like sounds that I did not recall hearing before.

So here is one simple request to my family, friends and co-workers: can you please stop signing in and out of iChat while the music is playing?

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