Monday, February 26, 2007

Why yet another blog

Why on earth would I start yet another blog? I already have two of them and they eat up quite an amount of my time. I've been talking to people about starting a third blog. And even preparing for that takes more time than I wish.

So why this fourth blog? Well, because I often have thoughts and ideas about technology that I want to write down. Over the years I've gathered insights and principles, often through many mistakes. To make it less likely for me to repeat my mistakes, I try to package my ideas in small sound bytes. Those are easier to remember, which at my age starts to matter.

So there you have it, my reason for spending yet more time writing about technology. I hope that someone finds my ideas useful. But even if no one does, at least I'll have a nice reference to refer back to when even remembering small sound bytes becomes too hard.

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